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BotaniVet is the only line of topical products with natural and certified organic ingredients available through your veterinarian. This entire ecofriendly product line is formulated by a board certified veterinary dermatologist. BotaniVet's powerful Manuka honey is made by hardworking bees in remote, pristine forests and mountains of New Zealand. Manuka honey has been shown to have potent antibacterial, antifungal and wound healing properties. To learn more about the science behind Manuka honey or about our bees and honey, please click on the links below. Use the Honey Tracker to see just how pure and potent the BotaniVet Manuka honey in each bottle really is.

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Our Bees and Manuka Honey

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Vet Remedy is a proud supporter of Pollinator Partnership TM, working to promote the health of pollinators (including honey bees), that are critical to our food supply and ecosystem, through conservation, education and research.