Honey Batch 6/19




Leptosperin (mg/kg) 731 Pure/Authentic
Dihydroxyacetone (mg/kg) 1010 Potent
Methylglyoxal (mg/kg) 157 Potent Antimicrobial Activity
Non-peroxide activity Phenol equivalent (%w/v) 7.3 Potent Antimicrobial Activity
Hydroxymethylfurfural (mg/kg) 2 Potent

Testing laboratory:

Analytica Laboratories, Hamilton, NZ

100% Natural

Certified Organic Pet
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Veterinarian Formulated
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Vet Remedy is a proud supporter of Pollinator Partnership TM, working to promote the health of pollinators (including honey bees), that are critical to our food supply and ecosystem, through conservation, education and research.