Vet Remedy’s BotaniVet™ is a line of topical pet products that contain 100% natural ingredients.  Ingredients are so natural that many BotaniVet products are certified to USDA organic food standards.   Are you tired of not being able to pronounce the unnatural chemicals and ingredients in the products that you use on your beloved pet (or yourself)?  Do you want to understand and trust what you are treating your pet with?  If so, than Vet Remedy’s BotaniVet is right for you and your pet.

Up to 20% of the dogs suffer from skin allergies.  Pets with skin problems can be very sensitive to the harsh detergents and other chemicals (including sulfates) used in almost all commercially available pet shampoos.   Vet Remedy’s BotaniVet products offer all natural non-irritating solutions for your pet’s skin.

All of BotaniVet products are veterinary dermatologist formulated with 100% natural and pronounceable ingredients that you can trust.

  • Certified Organic Products
  • No Sulfates or Alcohols
  • No Harsh Chemicals or Detergents
  • GMO Free
  • Made In USA

100% Natural

Certified Organic Pet
Health Products

Veterinarian Formulated
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