This blog is dedicated to improving the quality of life of pet owners and their itchy 4-legged family members by providing an Itchucation (education on itching).  All content is generated by veterinarians that dedicate their careers to helping pets with skin problems. To find a veterinary dermatologist in your area, please visit     

Spring Itching – Maple Trees

Posted by Dr. Itch on 4/27/2020
Spring Itching – Maple Trees

The Truth About Bathing Your Dog (Your Parents Lied to You, Again)

Posted by Dr. Itch on 7/20/2017 to News
The Truth About Bathing Your Dog (Your Parents Lied to You, Again)
Everyone seems to have heard that they shouldn’t bathe their dog often as it will remove their natural oils and result in dry skin.   When you were growing up, your parents probably lied to you all the time: chubby man dressed in red sliding down your narrow or non-existent chimney, scarily large bunny hiding hard boiled brightly colored chicken eggs, drunk (at least mine typically was) fairy flying under your pillow to take your teeth etc. etc.  You can just add 'don't bathe your dog' to the long list of lies and scars that your parents inflicted upon you when you were young. As true for most wives’ tales that are passed down from generation to generation, there is a lack of scientific proof to support this claim.  In fact, there is ample medical evidence illustrating the clinical benefit of frequent bathing for pet skin health. Bathing on its own can be quite soothing for a pet with allergies and itching.  Routine bathing also has been shown to help spare the amount of other potentially harmful medications (including steroids) that your pet may need to control their itchy allergy symptoms.

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