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Every batch of BotaniVet™ Manuka Honey is third party tested for its purity, biological activity and potency. You can view the the actual lab results for the honey in your bottle by searching below. Methylglyoxal (that originates from dihydroxyacetone in the nectar of Manuka flowers) is one of the major contributors to Manuka honey’s potency and antimicrobial activity. A recent publication by Kato 2014 found that leptosperin is specific to Manuka honey, is stable during honey storage and its measurement is useful for Manuka honey authentication.

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Samples are analyzed via 3-in- one honey method, which involves aqueous extraction, derivatization, and analysis by UPLC with diode array detection.

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Vet Remedy is a proud supporter of Pollinator Partnership TM, working to promote the health of pollinators (including honey bees), that are critical to our food supply and ecosystem, through conservation, education and research.